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"The Wildcats Tradition Starts Here"
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"The Wildcats Tradition Starts Here"
THIS WEEK'S GAME:     Western Wayne VS Lackawanna Trail
SCORES:     Game D:   7 / 21     -   -   -      Game C:   0 / 6     -   -   -      Game B:   0 / 32
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News and Announcements





We hope that everyone is having a great start to their new year.


Now that the new year has begun, it is time for our first WWJR Wildcat Board of Directors meeting for the 2019 season.


We will be meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 6 pm at R Place in Hamlin.


We still have 4 vacant positions available on our Board:


Public Relations

Concession Stand Manager

Executive Board Members


Anyone interested in filling any of these positions, please send a Letter of Intent to any Board member or you can bring it to our next meeting. These positions need to be filled to insure a full functioning board going forward into this season.


Contact Carlo Baldini for any football related questions and Natalie Washine for any cheerleading related questions.


o  Cleat Swap

We know how fast kids grow out of shoes! And we understand how costly it can be to buy new cleats every year. So we want to help.

If you have any cleats that your player has outgrown, you can donate them to the organization for a player who may need a pair. And in return we may have a size that will fit your child. Simply turn your outgrown cleats into the equipment manager, he will spray them down with disinfectant, and hopefully we can help another family out.


UPDATED January 13, 2019

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